Adding ReCaptcha to React Comments

Oct 22, 2018

React Comments is a Disqus-like comment feature for Drupal 8. It is a much more beautiful alternative to the Ajax Comments module, which we had migrated to Drupal 8 as an initial solution. The only thing missing in React Comments for our purposes was ReCaptcha integration.

There are various ReCaptcha components for React. We tried a few and decided on react-recaptcha-google. We added that package to the project (yarn add react-recaptcha-google) and added an implementation of that component:

cd react_comments/js/src/
cat src/components/CommentReacaptcha.js
import React, { Component } from 'react';
import './CommentReacaptcha.css';
import { ReCaptcha } from 'react-recaptcha-google'

class CommentReacaptcha extends Component {
  constructor(props, context) {
    super(props, context);
    this.onLoadRecaptcha = this.onLoadRecaptcha.bind(this);
    this.verifyCallback = this.verifyCallback.bind(this);

  componentDidMount() {
    if (this.captchaDemo) {

  resetCaptcha() {

  onLoadRecaptcha() {
    if (this.captchaDemo) {

  verifyCallback(recaptchaToken) {

  render() {
    let containerClasses = ['rc_comment-recap-container'];

    return (
      <div className={containerClasses}>
          ref={(el) => {this.captchaDemo = el;}}


export default CommentReacaptcha;

We imported the component to App.js:

cat src/App.js | awk 'NR >= 9 && NR <= 10'
import {loadReCaptcha} from 'react-recaptcha-google'
import CommentReacaptcha from './components/CommentReacaptcha';

We added state variable that will indicate whether captcha is verified or not:

cat src/App.js | awk 'NR >= 12 && NR <= 22'
class App extends Component {
  state = {
    currentUser: {
      hasPermission: () => false
    comments: null,
    settings: null,
    loading: true,
    openMenu: null,
    captchaVerified: false,

We added a callback method that will update the state variable:

cat src/App.js | awk 'NR >= 180 && NR <= 182'
  captchaVerified(token) {
    this.setState({captchaVerified: !!token})

Added component to render:

cat src/App.js | awk 'NR >= 203 && NR <= 203'
        <CommentReacaptcha verified={this.captchaVerified.bind(this)} />

Finally, added an attribute in CommentBox component to disable comment button if captcha is not verified:

cat src/components/CommentBox.js | awk 'NR >= 209 && NR <= 209'
                { (type === 'comment' && user && userCanPostComments) && <button disabled={!this.props.captchaVerified} onClick={this.handlePost.bind(this)} className="rc_add-comment">Post your comment{ && ` as ${}`}</button> }

One last issue:

Once in a while, the browser would throw an error complaining something about grecaptcha.render not being a function. The fix is to check for that in the module. We first tried to patch the module with npm but there is a mismatch betweeen the version of react-recaptcha-google in and that in GitHub. So we forked the repo and added our own patch to it:

git clone
cd react-recaptcha-google/
git checkout 2718b3675098a6b9856aaf1af4df57ed10df6011 -b v2
vi src/ReCaptcha.js
yarn install
yarn build
git commit -am "Added error handling for grecaptcha.render."

Here is the exact change (which was actually taken from another npm package appleboy/react-recaptcha):

diff --git a/src/ReCaptcha.js b/src/ReCaptcha.js
index 674e746..8df8a7a 100644
--- a/src/ReCaptcha.js
+++ b/src/ReCaptcha.js
@@ -37,7 +37,11 @@ const defaultProps = {
     badge: 'bottomright',

-const isReady = () => typeof window !== 'undefined' && typeof window.grecaptcha !== 'undefined';
+const isReady = () =>
+  typeof window !== "undefined"
+  && typeof window.grecaptcha !== 'undefined'
+  // need to check for presence of render, because reCaptcha creates { ready } first
+  && !!window.grecaptcha.render;
git push origin v2

We then added the forked version of react-recaptcha-google in react_comments yarn.lock. A better approach would be to use a component based on ReCaptcha v3.

Last step was to rebuild the React. But we first need to make sure we have the build tools:

# Install nodejs
curl --silent --location | sudo bash -
sudo yum install -y nodejs

# Install yarn
curl --silent --location | sudo tee /etc/yum.repos.d/yarn.repo
sudo yum install -y yarn

# Install packages
yum install

Now we can build:


React Comments in action

That’s all!


Henok Mikre

Naod Yeheyes

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